A holistic village means that it is complete. So our desire is to create a society where one can live fully, without constantly having to leave the near environment. To create a good social environment is as important as building healthy homes; and the two are linked. Read more...

with whom we have spoken, like that the village should be polycentric'. This means that there are several groups or associations where you can have a say on village matters. So there is not only one all-embracing Board. Everyone, who wants to, can join one or more associations. This way you get to know other residents through joint activity. Since there are several such crosscutting associations, a community is created . It's actually the way that tribal communities are linked together. Vedapark currently have the following associations - existing or under way:

  1. Community Association (Samfällighetsforeningen): responsible for the roads and the existing waterworks. This association has existed for many years
  2. The ideal association 'Vedapark' of 1. July 2010: aims at building common houses and 2-3 prototypes for habitation (two protptypes are built) and not least to create a master plan for the entire area (this is done). The rules state: 'The purpose is to, locally and internationally, support consciousness based, ecological education, leadership and construction.' 
  3. The Ayurveda Association for establishment of a retreat and holistic health center. Under formation.
  4. The Lake Association: Has the task to recreate the lake / wetland. Under formation.
  5. Associations for: car sharing, timeshare boat etc., garden association. To be formed when needed
  6. Proposals for other associations will come when the need is there. Please give your feedback.
But how do we ensure that there will be a wholeness of the decisions of several groups? To achieve this one can belong to several groups, and once a while there can be a joint meeting or just a meeting where representatives from each group are present. 

The associations (eg. Entrepreneurs) who have much contact with the surrounding society can have external members who ensure that Vedapark is not an isolated island. The village gives and takes from near and far. 

Vedapark stakeholders can already now join and act concretely to realize the project. You may start by writing a message to the blog about, what you would like to do. (Send it to webmaster