Principles for social harmony and Vastu buildings

Conflict prevention
One person told us he had visited all eco villages in Sweden. They had one point in common: they all had social conflicts! You see the same historical pattern much too often, if you look at websites for communities in other countries. So may be the level of wisdom in the group was too low, or the energies of the houses were distorted because they were not built according to vastu principles.

Other things can be done to prevent and solve conflicts:

1) The tribal structure should be used as a model for the social life. It is created by nature to be used to absorb and solve conflicts. It is polycentric as described in previous articles with many crosscutting associations or groups, where people decide on the day to day matters they are engaged in, such as gardening or creating the lake or running the café or their own business.

There can be 4 main groups of activities in the holistic village:
1. education to run the retreat or course center and healing activities etc.
2. administration to take care of the contact to local and national authorities
3. businesss and art
4. gardening and agriculture

2) There should be an intelligent mixture of democracy and non-demococracy. The word democracy is value-laden; many react with a Halleluja hearing it. In politics it is a way of voting and counting, Plato concluded that democracy was only a medium form. However, it is good without discussion when taken as participative leadership.

3) Some basic principles should not be for discussion. They are stated on the website, such as the architecture is Vastu, they are accepted when you join the project. Long discussions in plenary on small issues is a vaste to time, but it was seen often. Remember, with a sense of humor: little men, long meetings (I learned that one from a physically big woman)

And also remember: Little women, many rules. That one came to my mind, after being held back in the passport control by a woman in Bulgaria, because a small insignificant stamp was lacking in my pasport. Also, there should be a catchphrase for both genders. - Our aim is to have as few rules as possible!

4) It is good to use the name Holistic or spiritual village as it signals a preference: It will be fine to attract many people with compassion, social competence, maturity and success in some area of life. What I have seen is: If there are too many idealists in one place, you easily run into problems.

Square or round house
There is a common idea among ecological builders and pioneer that it good to make round houses, probably inspired by the tipi tent. When I raised this issue at the alternative climate conference in Copenhagen in December: one ‘expert’ smartly remarked: ‘you cannot really place anything in the corners, they are of no use - and the VEDA is so old, therefore those principles are not useful to day’. But we say ‘not so’: Round houses are not a principle in Vastu, because:
  • The energy waves spreading from the center becomes more concentrated in the corners, so they are actually most important
  • The unit of energy at the subtle, quantum field is not a circle but a square or cube; this should be supported by physics. The subtle turns into the gross, so the basic structure on the surface is also a square (needs some explanation which will happen at the meetings)
  • The VEDAS are old, but are still valid, because they are natural law, cognized by the rishis and later written in books (also needs more clarification.) Natural law does not change!
We all have 3 houses
Those who have a house in reality have three houses.

You have the one you live in with the priorities or loans: that is the visible house. People mostly like their house, but normally still something is lacking, there is some dissatisfaction. There may still be a longing for the dream house.

The lack of total fulfillment in the house is due to the invisible house you live in. Your house may look very fine and luxurious, but still the invisible energy that it creates and which creeps into you, may not be good at all. Experts say it is because of the materials, the sick house syndrome. Yes, but it is more than that, is due to the whole construction which is not aligned to natural law.

The third house is our natural house which respects natural law; this is the house we should dream about, or rather act on building. For one thing, the house should be aligned to the corners of the earth.

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