We look for a balance, where the desire for privacy and individuality is respected in full, but at the same time there is togetherness - and common activities as desired. Through a good cooperation everyone can become a participant in a much greater wealth, compared to a situation when you struggle alone in life. Read more...

We will support joint arrangements for setting up:

  • Purchase of a shared house at the Mediterranian in order to enjoy warmer weather, when you feel for it. We have researched this option and made several visits to Split in Croatia which is our absolute favorite, because it has so many things for spending a beautiful time: old Roman center, beaches, cafees and restaurants, lots of islands accessible by ferries, theater, music and friendly people.
  • Shared apartment or house in Copenhagen etc. which can be used for vacation or accommodation in connection with work.
  • Pooled or shared cars for people who do not have a daily high transportation needs. This means that a group organized as an association, shares for instance 2-3 cars. There has been lots of experience on this matter, and it is environmentally friendly. In the pool there should also be 1-2 scooters which is a beautiful way of transportation during summertime
  • Timeshare boat in Österlen, at the sea for those who are interested - and/or a timeshare boat in Ringsjøen, Skåne's largest lake (10 km from the area as the crow flies)
  • Timeshare cottage in Österlen at the sea
  • It would also be possible for the the residents to have access to additional land for gardening. It should be possible to construct a large greenhouse which may be used by several residents.
  • With the establishment of a 'retreat' on the spot, there should be a possibility that you can rent a room/house to visiting residents, which will benefit your finances as well.
The different projects can unfold through informal and formal associations formed around each activity and thus you can  participate where you feel like - and you can also choose not to participate at all. What can be realized depends on the residents themselves. It has been shown that such cross cutting associations are ideal for creating a social cohesion. Tribes are organised in this way, therefore they are a model for good cooperation. 


The opposite of togetherness is loneliness, which is so widespread in the western world. Life is work oriented, modern industry requires people to move, here, there, everywhere for finding jobs. Family units have consequently become smaller and smaller, and pressure and stress is growing. Life has become unbalanced and lonely. 

"Togetherness is the formula. Don't entertain any kind of logic that is not to be together. Together you will avert the danger that has not yet come." ---Maharishi

Let us consider a few more quotes:

"In the process of togetherness, the achievement of the transcendence is obtained."

"When individuals come together, something more gets created."

"Live together. Help each other in difficulties. Always radiate Truth. Always radiate Love. Always radiate Peace. And in the end Truth alone will triumph."

"Let us be together. Let us eat together. Let us be vital together. Let us be radiating truth, radiating the light of life."

"It is a very great teaching to maintain togetherness. And in togetherness is the maintenance of relationship. And in this is the maintenance of infinite correlation value, which is the level of immortality. In togetherness is vitality. In togetherness is that value of infinite coherence and therefore we will never be separated--a great teaching for all times."

"There is safety in numbers.... 'Association with the wise' is a very useful policy. If we feel disconnected, then dont be a loner."

"If we cant always be close physically, we can be together on the level of heart and mind. That feeling is the important thing whether we live in a group or not. Togetherness is structured in consciousness. Togetherness is order and good order is the fundamental of diverse life."

"Always move as a group, slowly, royally, but quickly, not frantic or worried."

All quotes by Maharishi

A neurophysiologist once explained to Maharishi how the many cells in the brain produce an orderly effect when they act in unison. This was despite the fact that none of the individual cells was orderly within itself. Maharishi commented that this was how a group of meditators/sidhas can create an influence of coherence even though none of the individuals were themselves enlightened.

In Vedapark loneliness should be non existent. We will research and develop approaches for nearness and warm relations between humans, animals and plants.


Our aim is to experience every day as a celebration. Is that possible? - basically it is a state of consciousness. However, we should also take practical initiatives in order to have a rich life, organize routines as:
  • group transcending, with 'Yogic Flying' (-:)
  • show movies about the great aspects of life
  • have dialogues/lectures (satsang as it is called in India), also with known guest speakers/teachers
  • study groups on the Veda and other treasures of wisdom
  • seasonal festivals  
  • organise a quire and an orchestra 
  • dancing, such as tango
  • group travels together, to a warmer climate during the cold months of December and January
Life should be rich, that is the reason we work to create a Golden Village.

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