Impressions from five famous communities

Our visits to several well- communities have proved to be much more important to us than expected. It is really valuable to come and see by yourself how the surroundings look and experience what is taking place. We have made more visits than planned (according to our EU Leader co-financing), as we have travelled to several places in India an United States, too:

According to our experiences and observations we can find inspiration from following important points:

  1. There is a fundamental world view which the inhabitants can endorse, and these values are stable and timeless. Vedapark’s world view is based on the humanistic science of the Veda which is considered to be most ancient, complete and comprehensive knowledge of life that exists
  2. There are arrangements and ceremonies to enrich life
  3. There is innovation concerning the interaction between nature and human technology
  4. There is a distinctive feature which the community is known for and which attracts people and attention: Vedaparks characteristic feature is the Vastu architecture
  5. There is a big and beautiful garden usually based on permaculture. Vedapark is also in favour of Vedic Organic Agriculture
  6. There is a very silent and comfortable atmosphere
  7. There is absence of electronic smog from mobile phones and electrical appliances 
  8. There is a minimum need for internal transportation by car
  9. There are as few rules as possible
  10. There is a relatively fast construction of the whole village with a high quality standard, to avoid the impression of a building site for years 
  11. There is full understanding of financial conditions when leaving the village, considering the interest of the individual as well as the continuation and growth of the village. This point has proved to be a common issue of conflict
  12. There is a limited increase in the price of houses to avoid debt for newcomers. A home is considered a human right and not an object of speculation:
  13. Vedapark consider it a good solution that inhabitants build on a plot which is rented on a long term basis (say 100 years) or just rent the home. Long term rent of the plot has the advantage that it place a self regulating ceiling over price increases of the house
  14. One can buy the building site
  15. By sale of the house Vedapark should have an option on the house
  16. There is a close cooperation with the nearby communities and international contacts as well
  17. There are facilities in other places on the planet in a warmer climate
  18. There is a simple way of doing things, e.g. in connection with the routines around the meals.
  19. There is a possibility and habit of eating together every day
We have visited following holistic communities: Damanhur, Sieben Linden, Friland, Auroville, Mount Madonna and Sri Vast Foundation. For each of them we have noted strengths and weaknesses. This is presented in Danish only. Read more

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