The Masterplan

The architects 'Fortune Creating Homes Ltd.' in Holland have designed this Masterplan for us:

Please note the following points:
  1. The small green square in the center is called the Brahmastan in the Vastu terminology. We plan to have the meditation halls/rooms here. This position will strengthen the collective consciousness of the village.
  2. The lake/wetland to the North is only a principled sketch; the final shape will differ. We also have another  design where the lake is divided in two, with the small brook flowing between. A third alternative is to have a considerable bigger wetland (10 HA), which will also cover an area to the East outside of Vedapark. The size of the wetland will then vary with the water flow according to the season. The establishment of the lake/wetland as soon as possible in cooperation with Vedapark neighbours, has very high priority
  3. The cafe is planned to have a beautiful view over the lake. Here it will be possible to join common meals every day.
  4. Therefore the individual homes may only need a small kitchenette, where you can prepare tea and a meal occasionally. It is good to Be together and eat together
  5. In the NE corner you also notice some quite small houses. They are for guests who may be are on retreat. More of  such small dwellings may be built on other lots as well (are not shown in the plan)
  6. The office/reception will be noticed immediately when visitors enter Vedapark from the East
  7. There is a field for gardening east of the building sites, and a much larger field south of the main street going East-West (most of it is not covered by the map). The streets are all gravel streets, so no 'artificial' asphalt
Our final remark. The Masterplan is made by the most experienced Vastu architects in the western world. So we think we are in good hands.


Anonymous said...

It's hart to tell what country you are in.
How about showing a map of the country with relation to other countries. I searched for Scania in Scandinavia in Google maps but there are several.

Gunnar Egelund Kastbjerg said...

We are in Southern Sweden, the province of Skåne, one hour from Copenhagen and the airport. A beautiful bridge is connecting Copenhagen and Skåne.