Only the fantasy is the limit, Damanhur

Damanhur is a good example of how interesting life can be when we think and work together. In this eco-spiritual community north of Turin they realize 'impossible dreams'. Among other things they have a group of houses in the tree tops, built on long poles. Up there you have walkways between the about 10 houses. One of the children is born here. If someone likes the idea to live among the top of the trees, just get started, plot number 94 is good for the purpose.

Also in Damanhur they demonstrate the 'singing of the plants', they are famous for that.
The electrical impulses in the plant are transformed to sound which is lead to the loudspeakers. It can sound like various instruments and appears beautiful and melodic. We also heard two plants 'sing' together.

Since august 2010 members of the Vedapark association have been on study visits to Italy, as mentioned, and also to Sieben Linden in Germany and Friland in Denmark. These studies were supported by the EU leader program. Last, but not least we have visited eco-communities in India (Auroville ) and USA (Mount Madonna in California and the TM community in Fairfield). We have really leaned something.

What these communities have in common is that they are active and follow their dreams. It would be bad if one, 90 years old, should look back at life as an 'untested menu card'. What we do now, where we live now: will that bring us where we want to be in a few years time. If not.... well, we guess it is time to get started.

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