The construction of the first Vastu cottages at site 89 is now almost finished - Please find update photos under the tab 'News'. The construction has proceeded according to the following steps. The time used (or estimated) is noted for each step and they are intended as a guideline for construction of future houses. However, as a rule of thumb, things often take longer than expected.
  1. Soil survey: This is done, and the soil is very stable. At about 90 cm dept you have the mountain, however sometimes at less dept. Time needed for the survey is an hour or two as it in essence is a question of digging a hole and describe the components of the various layers of soil, and take a photo as extra documentation during the permission process.
  2. Preparation of the building site. The time required can vary substantialy depending on the site involved. In the simplest case it may almost be reduced to cutting of grass, but it may include cutting of some trees and levelling of the land with an excavator.
  3. Metering the exact placement of the houses. This was done by a professional surveyer and lasted about 3 hours.
  4. Making point or plinth foundation with concrete plints. 1-2 days for 3 - 4 persons.  It is advisable to make the plint holes before buying the plints because the soil dept before you hit the mountain will vary. Other solutions should be considered as well
  5. Delivery of building parts from the factory. To unload the the building kit from the truck takes about 2 hours.
  6. Assembly of the log-walls of the house and making the underroofs - 3 days for 3 persons for a 25 sqm house.
  7. Making the roof. 5 days for 2 persons.
  8. Laying the wooden floor - 2 days for 2 persons. 
  9. Insulation and construction of inside wall - about 3 days for 2 persons.
  10. Painting of outer walls, windows and doors, 2 days for 3 persons.
  11. Finishing the bathroom floor and walls, according to wetroom standard - 1 day for 1 person
  12. Set up of kitchen, - 1 day for 2 persons
  13. Installation of  shower, sink and toilet - 2 days for 2 persons
  14. Installation of water tubes in the house - 1-2 days for 2 persons
  15. Installation sewer system, 3000 liter underground tank - 6 hours for an 18 ton  excavator
  16. Installation of water supply: Digging a ditch to the water supply system, placing water hose, refilling ditch and connecting, 2 days with the help of a mini excavator.
The steps below are not yes finished.
  1. Inner painting - 1 day for 3 person
  2. 24 Volt solar electricity system - 2 days for 1 person
  3. Establishment of Vastu fence - 3 days for 2 persons
  4. Assembly of 15 square meter green or glass house on the Southern wall - 5 days for 2 persons.
  5. Set up of a wood stove - 1 day for 1 person
Please volunteeer if you are interested in painting or some of the other activities not yet done, call +45 21230583. You may join one day or more as convenient.

In summary, it is estimated that if you yourself are on the building site fulltime, you can build a smaller house in 40 work days or 2 - 3 months - that is during a summer season with the help of family and friends. And it has to be well organised so that you do not have to wait for materials and professional assistance when that is needed.

We have succeded in making the construction process a chain of positive social events for the 6 volunteers who participated in different steps - it should be fun. It can be considered a learning process and an important preparation if you consider to build a house yourself. For critical activities we engaged professional craftmen for a limited time.

When you stay in the house you experience a pleasant calm feeling, so there really is some 'magic' in a Vastu structure, as it is asserted: in the old tradition, by present day Vastu experts - and by Vastu home owners. It is as if you have a natural contact to more silent levels in the mind - the house meditates for you, so to say! Quite interesting!

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