We will welcome an international social environment in Vedapark - The village dedicated to Ayurveda and Vastu architecture.

It is for all open minded people: including artists, business, intellectuals and retired, but also for children and students - in short, for all peace-loving individuals who want a balanced life in nurturing contact with mother nature and themselves.

A key factor of this project is to create healthy homes that will improve our life, well-being and outer success. According to the Veda (Vastu) this can be achieved by 3 factors, in particular:

1st. The dwelling must be properly positioned in nature and aligned to the corners of the earth, that is, with the entrance directly to the east, or possibly, north.

2nd. The rooms should be properly positioned according to certain natural rules, for example a kitchen is best in the South-east. The location has much to do with the sun's influence. 

3rd. The size of the house and the different rooms must be precisely and rightly dimensioned so that only the healthy energy frequencies are amplified.

A house is a heavy structure, and experience and studies show that not only materials, but also the house architecture and hence energy field highly affects the health of the occupants. Vastu ensures that the house is designed so that the residents' energies are connected with nature and the positive forces
of the universe outside. But the house even protects against harmful external influences.

There is an old detailed knowledge about this held by trained architects. We will recommend future inhabitants to use these in order to get the best results, simply by adapting to some natural conditions which have been forgotten by mankind. It gives the dream house an extra dimension.

We have already bought 40 developed big building sites in Gammalstorp resort, near Hörby and Höör where construction can begin here and now. With common land there are 450,000 square meters in total, here where the vast forests starts in the heart of Scania, Southern Sweden. A creek winds through the area to the north and we attempt to (re)create a large lake here. 

The environment is very diverse and attractive nature:
  • There is beautiful beech forest, and there is an exclusive silence. The last 4-5 km to Vedapark are along small roads leading away from the freeway.
  • To the north the forests continue into Småland. There are great opportunities for varied experiences in nature, the surrounding cultural attractions and leisure activities such as golf. 
  • Gammalstorp is located in Scania near Hørby: click here (and enter 'gammalstorp Hörby' in the search field). There are many stone walls surrounding the fields, vast forest, lakes and charming villages.. 
  • There is an hour to Copenhagen on the freeway, 25 minutes to Lund's old and classic university campus, 40 minutes to Malmö. 
  • 45 minutes to the South coast of Scania (Skåne), and 35 minutes to Österlen which is a high level holiday resort on the East coast of Skåne with many apple orchards,  
  • Finally one hour to Kastrup, Copenhagen international airport and 45 minutes to Malmö international airport.

In Vedapark you have the opportunity to participate in creating a village for the new coming era - a village for people who seek Ayurvedic education and wisdom, fun, healing, innovative activity and development of consciousness. A society with healthy houses, pure food, organic environment without radiation, horticulture, transcendence and warm relationships.  

Contact: info@vedapark.com, +45 21230583

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