VP Ashram

Listening to people, we experience that there may be a need for coming to Vedapark and stay for longer periods without doing anything except relaxing (transcending) and learning more about life. Therefore it is an option to construct ashram like facilities where people can stay undisturbed close to nature. The North East corner of Vedapark can be good for this purpose.

So if you are retired and want to live in quietness or would like a pause from the activities and stress of life, this is a possibility for doing nothing - with meals served to you. And there will be lots of time to participate in learning the wisdom of the Vedas as wanted, or to express your own creative resources in painting, music or writing.

We have many years of experience with organising programs where you alternate between transcending (meditation), health treatments, walk and talk, relaxing lectures, meals and sleeping. In short a life without worries. 

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