Building sites

Construction can start now

All local plans and permits are in place, so there is the green light for you to start building here and now. Roads are established, water supply, electricity and telephone are available for connection. The only thing remaining is that the drawings of your house must be approved by the Plan and Build Division, Hörby Municipality, as the common practice is. The wastewater system, however, is not up to modern standard, and a organic, of the grid, reedbed system is the best solution. It can be made individually for each house and/or a collective system.

The road to the area from Copenhagen Airport

Drive from the airport over Öresund Bridge along freeway (motorvej, autobahn) No. 20 and 22 in the direction of Malmö, Kristianstad and Kalmar. You will pass Malmö and Lund, and at Hörby you take EXIT 31 and in the round-about you follow the sign to Äspinge.

Drive through Äspinge, turn left at the sign towards Killhult, drive about 1 km, turn left at the sign Råset, drive about 600 meters. Now you see the sign Gammalstorp. Turn left just after this sign, Now you are in the area. Continue driving until you reach the last three streets: 'Orrvägen' Tjädervägen and Ormvråksvägen with the building sites. - Click here to open Google maps and type 'Gammalstorp Hörby' in the search box.

The time it takes from Copenhagen Airport, is one hour on the freeway.

We can arrange Airport pick-up for international visitors.

Map of Building Sites (North is upward)

Plot number 53, 65, 73, 78, 82, 83, 89 and 97 are sold or reserved for common facilities.
The boundry lines of the building sites can be adjusted to some degree, because most sites a not finally parcelled out. Therefore the final size and orientation of the plots to the East could differ a bit from the map, which is an advantage from a Vastu point of view. So in this respect we can meet the wishes of the coming recidents, as long as we stay within the rules of the local plan.

Most prices are currently 99.000 Danish Kroner. It is also possible to rent a building site on a long term basis for e.g. 50 years. You may start with renting and then purchase later. This can be a good option because the need for cash is less at the start when you need it for the house construction. Each site is 1000 - 2000 sqm. You can build year-round or summer home. Construction of shared facilities, like cafe and meditation rooms will be co-created by the village in common.

When purchasing a site there is a downpayment of 10% when the contract is signed. The balance is due after a few months when the plot is finally parceled out and registered (avstyckat och fastighetsbildat). Paper work related to the deal is handled by a professional real estate agent in Hörby who ensures that rules and regulatory requirements are met.

Prices per April 2016.

Site       Price in                 Price in
No         DKK                     EURO

53          Sold                  
54          99000                    13300      
55          99000                    13300
56          99000                    13300  
57          99000                    13300
58          Reserved
59          99000                    13300
60          130000                  17500
61          99000                    13300
62          99000                    13300
63          99000                    13300
64          99000                    13300
65          Sold
66          99000                    13300
67          130000                  17500
68          99000                    13300   
69          99000                    13300
70          99000                    13300
71          99000                    13300
72          99000                    13300
73          Built
74          175000                  23500
75          130000                  17500
76          130000                  17500
77          Sold
78          Sold
79          99000                    13300
80          99000                    13300
81          99000                    13300
82          Sold
83          190000                  25000
84          Sold
85          175000                  23500
86          175000                  23500
87          130000                  17500
88          130000                  17500
89          Under construction
90          190000                  25000
91          190000                  25000
92          120000                  16000
93          120000                  16000
94          120000                  16000
95          130000                  17500
96          130000                  17500
97          Sold

We have so far developed architectural drawings of several organic wooden houses, designed according to Vastu, the most ancient building method from human kind. It has some similarities with well-known Feng Shui, but also crucial differences. Each buyer is invited to use these drawings and have them adjusted to their own wishes, to get the best possible energy in their home. We have contacts with companies who build log homes (timmerhus) and other wooden houses of fine quality.