Ownership to land and houses has proved to be a sensitive issue in eco-villages. But Vedapark should be of benefit to all, and there should be a balance between individual and collective interest, which is often not the case according to our observations.

Vedapark will gradually develop several pragmatic solutions in this regard. The building sites as well as the houses can be rented or owned by individuals, e.g. you can own your house on a rented site. The common facilities and a number of homes for rent should be owned by a foundation (stiftelse). We believe this is the best way to secure just solutions for everyone, and a foundation is a very stable structure over time, because it owns itself and the articles cannot be changed. The establishment of the Vedapark Ideal Association is a first step to obtain this.

There is a consensus to donate 15% of the sales price to the Vedapark Association, when lots or houses are bought. This is to prevent speculation in real estate in our project. Furthermore the 15% is buyers entrance ticket to the common facilities, such as the meditation hall.

At present the building sites of the village are owned by Vedapark and Ekopark AB - and of course those who have already purchased a plot. Vedapark is responsible for the webspaces: www.vedapark.com and www.vedapark.blogspot.com etc.

Vedapark is privately owned by Gunnar Kastbjerg. The area east of Tjädervägen (the middle road) belongs to Vedapark. These lots are marked with red signs in the field. Ekopark is a limited company with Jacob Larsen and Sven Jensen as shareholders. The area west of Tjädervägen belongs Ekopark AB. We bought the land together and cooperate to create a village after the Vastu construction method. The location of the land, the slope, etc. is suitable for this purpose.

The land belonging to Vedapark is not mortgaged and the proceeds from sales are reinvested into the project and its expansion. This is one reason for our confidence in the project, and also it is situated at the very best place in the heart of the Baltic region, of Scandinavia and Skåne. The Öresund region is a strong development region, spiritually, culturally, economically and politically.

But to get started quickly, requires your participation. It is a particular task to ensure that we will have a village after the Vastu construction method - and a good life with the warmth of human relationships for all who engage in Vedapark. My starting point for a dialogue can be found in my two books: The Keys of Intuition and The Keys to Power (power is meant positively). See details here.

Disclaimer: Vedapark v.Gunnar Kastbjerg is not the broker or investment adviser. This website and blog and our info-emails are general information on the Vedapark project. They are not intended to be specific advice on purchases. One should speak with its own housing counselor to get specific advice on purchase / lease of land and housing. The information we give out, we hold to be correct, but it is your responsibility to investigate the details further, where you think it is important.

Detail plan (local plan)

for Gammalstorp fritidsby, Hörby Municipality (Excerpts: Text appearing in [ ] are the translator's clarifications and comments)

Created 20/11/1990. Revised 2/11/1992. Signed by Björn Bäckström. Accepted 20/02/1992. Building Board. Signed by Tommy Hall. Force of law 03/18/1992, BN archive nr Ä 14

[1] Plan description

Documents: The plan proposal consists of [1] this description, [2] provisions ... [3] local plan map.

The plan purpose: The plan has emerged in order to allow the building of somewhat larger (leisure) homes. Plan Data: The local plan covers the entire plan area called Gammalstorp 4:5, which was authorised by 'Lensstyrelsen' 25/03/1974. The area is linked to Gammalstorp village northeast of Äspinge.

Former positions: In the overall plan for Hörby, the area is devoted to leisure buildings [This has the advantage that there are fewer rules and requirements related to construction, but you can still construct and inhabit an all-year round house. There is not the sharp division between leisure and all-year living, as for instance in Denmark].

Assumptions and changes: The current plan limits the total area allowed for building to 70 sqm. A modern house is now often more than 70 square meters, and further there is the wish to build an outhouse and open shed over the car.

The plots are regularly large. Terrain and vegetation are such that buildings do not in any way dominate the landscape.

The plan proposal implies that the built-up area for residential housing is maximized to 100 sqm and that an outhouse can be constructed up to a maximum of 40 sqm.

The area's character with homes in forest terrain should be maintained. Construction of new houses must be designed and located so that the forests continue to dominate.

The evaluation of documents for building permit (bygglovshandlingar) should normally be based on the rules that apply to second homes.

[2] Construction Plan

Construction Plan Requirements. Lensstyrelsen, Malmöhus, Planning Unit. Resolution March 25, 1974. Annex 857-74.

§ 1 The use of the Building Plan area.
Settlement Areas. Fields marked with B [on them map] may only be used for residential purposes (recreation building).

§ 2 Land which must not be built on.
Land which is marked with dots must not be developed.

§ 3 Construction Method.
Areas marked with F must only be developed with detached houses.

§ 4 Building location.
Article 1: In areas designated by F, the main building must be constructed at least six meters away from property boundaries.
Article 2: In areas designated by R, outhouse, garage or carport may be placed until the boundary against other property or at a distance less than 6 meters from such boundary, if the owner of the adjoining property agrees to this.

§ 5 Proportion of land that may be built on and the number of buildings on the site
Article 1: Building sites, which include BF designated area, must not exceed 70 sqm built on [this has been increased to 100 sqm, as above indicated in the plan description.]
Article 2: On building sites, on a BF designated area, only a main building and an outhouse or other farm building may be constructed [40kvm]. [Also a house of  24 sqm and one of 15 sqm can be constructed without applying for building permission. Thus in total, it is allowed to build 100 + 40 +25 + 15 sqm = 180 sqm].
Article 3: At a site in the BF designated area, the main building must not contain more than one apartment. The farm building or outhouse must not be used for habitation. [In the existing houses in Gammalstorp some people have furnished rooms in the outhouse building].

§ 6 Floor Number
Article 1: In the area designated I, the buildings must not be constructed with more than one floor.
Article 2: In the area designated by n, the attic must not arranged in excess of the number of floors, in force for the area [On the map of Orrvägen, Tjädervägen and Ormvråksvägen there are no areas designated by n. This means that one can have some 60 sqm extra in the attic, so the total number of square meters are 180 + 60 = 240 sqm, according to the letters of the law]

§ 7 Prohibition of entry and exit
To a road or other public place where border lines are marked with filled triangles, drive entrance and exit from the adjacent property must not be arranged.

§ 8 The basic sizes
Within BF designated area the building sites must not be less than 1,000 sqm.

[3] Local Plan maps

Draft contract for purchase of building site

Ekopark In Hørby AB, Org No 556734-2000 / Gunnar Kastbjerg


with a 1/1 - share
transfers - through sale (försäljning) - to

Civil registration number:

with a 1/1 - share

The property:

the plot (lotten), number ____, part of the property Gammalstorp 4:4 _,

________ Sqm., marked in blue cross on the attached map (Annex karta). Hereinafter called the property.

Purchase price:
for a purchase price of Swedish Kroner:

******_____________****** Swedish Kroner, and otherwise under the following conditions:

§ 1 Taking over (Tillträdesdag):
The buyer will acquire the property (Fastigheten) on _______________ in 20__ or earlier / later day as equivalent to: Within ten days after the property is parcelled out (avstyckas och fastighetsbildats) by statutory decision and registered at the appropriate registration authority with a new register code.

The other terms of the purchase must be fulfilled and the payment paid in the manner specified in Clause 2.

Change of date of taking over shall be agreed in writing - with a copy to the real estate agent (fastighetsmäklaren).

§ 2 Terms of Payment:
The buyer must settle payments as follows:

a. Cash down payment at the _______ 201_: ___________ Kroner
by deposit to _____________ account IBAN number:
SE____________________ (BIC / SWIFT address :______________
in Fars & Frosta sparbank in Hørby.

b. Remaining amount to be paid in cash at the acquisition day ________ Kroner

SUMMA purchase price ________ Kroner

§ 3 Easements m. m:
The seller guarantees that the property at the acquisition date is not at the hassle of easements and beyond what is apparent from the stud property in connection with the parcellation. See complete information on the stud property in the attached extracts from 'Lantmäteriverket Fastighetsinfo' (land transcript).

§ 4 Breakdown of expenditure and revenue:
The seller must pay property tax (fastighetsskatt), interest and other expenses for the property to the acquisition date. From the day of takeover, the payment obligation is transferred to the buyer and the right to all income from the property.

§ 5 Mortgage Costs m. m (Lagfartskostnader mm):
The buyer must pay costs for preparation of purchase documents, registration in the land register (lagfart), new loans, new mortgage letter, valuation etc.

§ 6 Breach contract:
If the buyer or the seller fails to meet their obligations under this purchase contract, the counterparty is entitled to compensation. By breach of significance to either party, the party also has the right to rescission.

Section 7 Property Description:
The buyer is informed about obligation to investigate the property, including the existing plan & building regulations.

It is agreed that the property will be around _________ Square meters.

Parties shall bear the smaller adaptations of borders, size, etc., which can be determined by the final parceling pursuant to the attached basic map (tomtkarta) showing all building sites.

§ 8 Municipality's option:
The parties are aware of the municipality's purchase option to the property according to the 'Law of municipal option of purchase, 1967 SFS 868:68' with amendments and additions, besides the addition of 4 December 1985. Therefore the buyer has to make such a complete notification to the municipality when the land is parceled by the surveyor. - (This is only a formal matter performed by the real estate agent under the law).

§9 Final settlement (slutlikvid), letter of purchase, mortgage deed etc.
Once the buyer has paid the total purchase price (köpeskillingen) under the terms of section 2, the seller must hand over to the buyer: receipted purchase letter and other documents required for the buyer's registration in the land register (lagfart). The seller must also hand over the property documents which the seller holds. Ownership passes to the buyer when receipted letter of purchase is handed over.

The property is handed over free of mortgage (Fastigheter överlåts fri från pantebrev).

§ 10 Parcellation and construction:
The Parties must, after this purchase contract is signed, together apply for surveyors business at the right Surveyor District (Lantmäteridistrikt). Cost of parceling is paid by ____________ .

The buyer alone is responsible for the further activities of the intended construction on the property such as building license (bygglov), connections, etc. Such activities are not conditions of the purchase.

§ 11, The character of the land and the construction
The district plan states: The character of the area with houses in forest terrain should be maintained. For new construction, homes must be located and designed so that the forest continues to dominate. – The residents in the area do not want the solid fence around the sites. For Orr- Tjäder- and Ormvråksvägen we aim at an area and buildings with a beautiful overall impression, which will also create increased value for the owners. Therefore some simple common features is wanted: that the roofs have the same color, that is warm yellow, or 'golden' - to create a 'golden city' - and that the walls are not black. To ensure a good atmosphere, health and quality of life in the houses, all houses will be parallel to the corners of the world, with facades directly to the North, East, South and West - this is important under the old construction methods and according to new studies. Seller requests buyer to have this in mind when planning construction, so as to be in harmony with the surrounding houses, see also www.vedapark.com.

The buyer has expressed his agreement in building a Sthapatya Vedic (Vaastu) house and interest in living in an ecologically and spiritually-oriented community.

The following annex belongs to the purchase contract: Extract of Land Registry Information (Utdrag ur Lantmäteriets Fastighetsregister) and map (tomtkarta).

The parties have, through their signatures on the annexes, taken part of and approved the contents.

Of this purchase contract three identical copies are written out , of which the seller and buyer have a copy. A copy is the broker’s archive copy.

Location (ort )______________ the _____ 2009

Seller: Gunnar Kastbjerg or Ekopark I Hörby

The above seller's signature is witnessed:

____________________________ ___________________________
Signature Signature

____________________________ ___________________________
Name in capital letters Name in capital letters

Sted_____________ the _____ 2009