The Ayurveda Village

Our future aim is to provide quality education and consultations in Ayurveda, to provide knowledge most important for wellness and life progress. In our group, national and international network we have access to highly competent teachers to run the following courses:

1. Ayurveda Courses.
Here you will learn the basics of holistic health - and further developing into the advanced topics such as pulse diagnosis. This precise technique reveals your basic body constitution and imbalances which will create illness if they are not treated properly and timely. Other subjects are Vedic Massage, herb therapy, aroma therapy, sound therapy and gem light treatment. Our long term goal is to arrange education that leads the student to become a professional Ayurveda consultant. There is a need for that.

2. Indian Astrology or Jyotish. This program includes:
  • How to read and interpret the horoscope which is drawn differently compared to a western horoscope. Joytish is more precise, it is very precise.
  • How to estimate strong and less strong aspects of my body and mind, and when they will show up in the life.
  • How to determine the right time for starting important events. 
  • Etc
 3. Veda architecture or Vastu
We have a wish to build the whole village according to Vastu, so it is only natural for us to  have courses  about that ancient building method. The course will be for the in inhabitant in Vedapark, and people from outside too. Vastu is explained in other sections of this website.

4. Vedic Science.
The Veda is unfathomable. Its wisdom is without limit. We will have education in this spiritual science, which has 40 different main areas - 6 of them are Ayurveda. Other well known scriptures are Patanjalis Yoga Sutras (Sidhis), the Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, Ramayana etc. I give a fairly easy introduction of all 40 aspects in my small ebooks available on Amazon.

5. Course in transcendence.
A 7 step course where you learn the most effective way to transcend, which means to turn the awareness inwards in an  effortless way - and experience contact with the inner bliss of our own Self. The process causes deep rooted stress to be released and gradually leads to higher states of consciousness.

6. Etc. - there are no limits to the Veda which is the pure expression of Natural Law.

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