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A holistic SafeHaven for self-sustainable cosmopolites

Independent and respected experts on the Web, recommend their readers to get a residence outside their own country. This is due to the development of the financial crisis and the way governments handle it. Such advice correspond to the wish many people already have in our cosmopolitan age.

Scandinavia offers a politically etc. safe place to live in, and in Vedapark we plan for:
  • A high degree of self-sufficiency with food for the body and soul etc. in the present risky times
  • Life in the countryside while maintaining a base in the city such as a shared house or apartment
  • The option to live in a warmer climate part of the year during the cold season.

Self sustainable
Ideally people like the SafeHaven to be self-sufficient with food, energy, job and finance, so that one may stay in nature’s harmony every day. We find that eco-villages around the globe have a high degree of sustainability in many of these spheres, but usually not in all of them. In our place we have 40HA of land including the shared land and it should be possible to buy more over time as a basis for innovative activities.

Further it is paramount to have a retreat and course facility which will be run by Vedapark's educators, with great souls from outside and abroad to come and share their wisdom. This will give vibrant life to the community. Otherwise it may easily turn into a sleepy place – great things must happen there, great beings should develop there in the heart of nature in the heart of Scania and Scandinavia. 

A base in the city
Many express a wish to live in the heart of nature in the countryside, but still, from time to time, stay in the nearby city. It appears good to have the best of both worlds.
In the longer term it is an option to buy common houses in cities like Copenhagen and perhaps Berlin. Those interested in our project find that highly interesting. And add to this: the purchase of a big summerhouse and boat, e.g. in nearby Österlen. In this way Vedapark can become an entry to a life of freedom for you. But it assumes a group which can cooperate on a sharing basis, share is the keyword.

Cosmopolitan life
I have worked in several Balkan countries and to establish a facility there is an option when considering southern Europe. In Monte Negro for instance, there is an absolutely beautiful, huge lake near the ocean and also near the capital. Here they say that you can go skiing in the mountains during the morning and go swimming in the ocean in the afternoon. It is a small country, but really beautiful. Another very attractive place is the Split area in Croatia. You have easy access by boats to beautiful islands including Hvar, beautiful beaches, a vibrant city with innumerable cafes, large promenade in the harbour overlooking the the sea and many cultural activities.

A good warm place during wintertime is Goa in India. The climate is balanced, and there is relatively easy access to other parts of India. The country is unique, and you have a concentration of big souls and masters as nowhere else on this planet. We know very fine places in India from own experience.

Please join us!
Actually, in entrepreneurship there is a saying. It goes like this: ‘It is just as easy to make big projects as small ones’ – for one thing the big ones attract more interest, there is more inspiration, and who wants to be small?
You warmly welcome you to join Vedapark. It is time to create models for a good life - in our view life to day is far from ideal.

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