Workshops & Employment

We should have at least one common workshop where innovative people can develop their ideas with mutual inspiration, and there should be a studio where painters can work with their art. Also we expect that some creative souls will have own workplace on their site. To have buildings for such activities is really important, as experience shows that when people come together a lot of innovative inspiration pops up.
Starting own business
Because Vedapark will be built according to Maharishi Vastu, the energy in our houses is conducive to clear thinking. Therefore it is a ideal place from where to administer a business, either from your home office or a shared office. We have some business concepts with a good potential with the right persons in charge:
  • Vedapark Management: We have several first-time-ever management concepts and models, which are developed during high-level international consulting work and approved by peer evaluation. It may take some time and innovative approaches, however, to introduce them at a significant scale.  
  • Vedapark Press: As a start we have already published 5 manuscripts on the art of leadership - in English as E-books on Amazon. Another paperback book is published in Danish and Bulgarian. It has sold about 6000 copies.
  • Vedapark yoga, healing and treatment activities.
  • Vedapark Construction and Environmental Design: Because we have an organic approach to all our activities we expect a built-up of expertise which will be in demand - such as Vastu construction, energy solutions, Vedic gardening and wetland re-creation. Such is the experience from other eco-villages.
  • Game development: Some young developers have expressed their interest in having sessions of game development at Vedapark, where they are close to the nature.
Also there is a variety of possibilities for finding jobs on all levels of qualifications, and many of the jobs mentioned below do not require that you know a Scandinavian language.

Professor, Researcher and Lecturer
You may find employment at the most important Scandinavian universities in Lund (30 minutes from Vedapark by car), Copenhagen (60 min) and at Malmö University College (40 min). Further more 'Ideon' in Lund is a high-tech incubator hosting research facilities for several multinational companies and many smaller firms with development potential. - Lund is also a very fine old university campus with many classic, beautiful faculty buildings and parks.  

Please note that there is a freeway (motorway, autobahn) passing 4-5 km from Vedapark on its way to Lund, Malmö and Copenhagen.

Business employee in management, administration, retail etc.
In addition to the 3 cities mentioned, there are 4 towns within comfortable pendling distance. These are Hörby (10 minutes), Höör (20 min), Kristianstad (40 min) and Hässleholm (45 min). A little further away you find several other significant cities and towns.   

Public Sector
Because of the many nearby cities and towns there is a variety of jobs in the public sector at schools, hospitals, municipalities and similar.

Employment at Vedapark Associations
At the moment in the start-up phase, we can only 'employ' volunteers. Later we expect some jobs in construction, training, gardening, health care and service.

It should be noted that Vedapark is a part of  the Gammalstorp resort area. Therefore, our activities to earn a living should not disturb the quietness of the area or our neighbours. But we think that the quieter our activity, the more effective. A good principle is to accomplish more, by doing less! (-:).

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