Our idea is a 'golden village' in nature. We recommend the old Veda architecture (Vastu) which creates a noticeable calm atmosphere in the house so that you really feel at home. The energy field of such houses strengthens the family harmony, health and quality of life . For more explanations, click here.

To obtain the best value of the buildings we suggest to set up a few common guidelines that should be easy to follow. According to the old architecture houses are recommended to be located parallel to the compass, with the main entrance to the East. The houses will be beautiful with colors in bright, warm hues. For the facades we would prefer wood in Skåne.

Examples of Vastu houses

Vastu House

Vastu house designed by 'Fortune Creating Homes'
Vastu models
There are only a few architects in the West that offer house designs in accordance with the principles of Vastu. The architects of Maharishi Sthapatya Veda (MSV) have the most extensive experience and the most holistic Vastu program. We therefore recommend this service.

MSV house with attic, and balcony over the entrance

MSV house with glasshouse around, it does not consume energy

There is an interesting report on how the houses built from MSV protects occupants against the negative influence from the surroundings. See The Bleeping Herald, December 2007.

A house is a heavy structure with an energy field. Vaastu ensures that the house is designed so that residents' energies are connected with the positive forces of nature and the universe outside - but the house also protects against harmful external influences.

How to join the project
 If you want to join there are the following basic possibilities:
  • Purchase or long term rent of a developed building site,
  • Rental Housing
  • Buying turn-key house for both all year round and summer dwelling
  • It is part of our wish to supply facilities such as health clinics, eco-purchasing association, facilities for lectures, courses and workshops, cafe or dining club for residents and their guests, meditation / yoga rooms, accommodation for guests and shared reception / office for entrepreneurs and self-employed. See draft designs of common houses here.
  • It is important that the character of an area in nature is preserved.