The social life is crucial

In order to develop a holistic village the social process is even more important than the physical construction of houses - in the long run.

Vedapark should become a human alternative to what is widespread to day: to day each family or single person often sit in his own flat, watching his own TV - without near access to nature's healing power. Living in Vedapark aims at stressfree work and more richness to life in its broadest meaning - obtained through more sharing. In short: less stress, more richness - and more sharing to the degree which is natural and acceptable for each person.

We think it is important that the inhabitants have an interest in healthy living and things that develop us as humans, and have the ability to live in peace with the neighbours.

As we have mentioned before: The development in world events and the world financial system strongly indicates that life in the ordinary society is becoming more difficult for some years, but here we offer a chance, through joint effort, to start a new way of living in the countryside in a good social and spiritual context. You can read much more about this in my 4.th e-book, which you can download here.

It is always crucial that there is a spiritual gravitation point where we live, so that we can develop fully as humans, otherwise there is no genuine reason to stay in that place.

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