Creating a glass veranda


Växthus Plus 5, 11,7 m², olackerat, dubbeldörr 

Here is the model and photo of the greeenhouse that we plan to add to our new Vastu cottage in Vedapark: 390X380 = 14,8 square meters

We will remove one gable because the glass house is going to be attached to the cottage.

Hence you can enter the glass veranda directly through the South door of the cottage (in the gable seen to the left). 

This means that we will have a fine 40 square meter house in total. It will be great for use during spring, summer and autumn - very fit in the Scandinavian climate as it prolongs the warm season so to say! We have permission for a house of 100 sqm, and we will of course stay within that limit set by the local plan, as the covered walkway will be smaller.

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