You can get your own Vastu cottage within a year.

The first house, now almost finished, is a pilot project where we test and learn the building process of a Vastu building. It is the middle house of the 3 in 1 house which we have presented earlier. So we foresee to follow up with more buildings in the spring 2015. - Please note that we have new lower prices for building sites.

Within the building permission that we have now,  we can construct 6 small cottages, and  they have a good insulation for all year round use. You may purchase one of them and assemble it yourself with the help of friends. At Vedapark we will assist you in the process to the best of our ability. - A house should be constructed quickly and we can do this through mutual assistance!

The price for a  building kit (byggesæt) is 107.000 Danish Kroner (DKK) for a 30 Sqm house, and 70.000 DKK for 21 Sqm according to previous offers from the supplier. The size includes a 6 and 4 sqm open veranda respectively. It is high quality produced in Estonia which have a long tradition for log house construction. Now it should be within the reach of everyone to have his own house - with the present extremely low interest rate which, however, cannot be expected to last much longer.

So the 6 different houses can be owned by different persons sharing the same building site - this must be organised within the framework of an economic association or similar - if you have expertice and can advice us in this question we will very much appreciate if you contact us, thank you.

We are also supporting a group of  say 5 people who would like to built a big house on a separate building site, where they can live together in a collective or cooperative. A bigger house will be more cost effective to built compared with several small cottages, and the people involved and their friends will form the team who can construct the house over the summer 2015. This way may be an easy start where you later have the possibility to create your own Vastu house.

Thus every person or family in Vedapark can participate in cooperative living or have their own small (or big) cottage with bathroom and a kitchenette, and then there are fine and spacious shared facilities such as: cafe or dining club, living space with library, study and entertainment; lecture hall, hall for yoga and transcending. A common permaculture garden with vegetables, berries, fruit trees, medical herbs , spices and flowers. To develop the common facilities will be a shared project.

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