Vedapark Ideal Association accepts donations with gratitude, in order to realise the vision of a safe haven for  development of consciousness, health and enjoyment. Generous sponsors, who have more than they need themselves, are invited to peruse our web to examine what we want to do.

It is written in the association rules that gifts will be used according to the donors wish
- that might be for the yoga/meditation hall and the cafe which will be in the ownership of the association. Furthermore we want to establish an advisory mentor group.

We have the privilege and challenge to live in a time, where very decisive adaptations take place on the planet Earth, to a more elevated human level (apparently the years around famous 2012). Hence it is important to create power centers, to keep balance in 'chaos'. He/she who takes co-responsibility for this will benefit himself and our decendants, for we can clearly see disorder building up e.g. in the world economy. Now, it is a good disposition to have a retreat in the countryside.

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