Quotes from the Upanishads on Vastu

These Veda scriptures of old clearly point out the importance of living in Vastu structures. They basically state that we can only realise our highest wishes in life if we live in a house built according to natural law. It means that the energy field of the house must connect us to nature and cosmos - and not cut of that link:

Shilpa Vidya Rahasyopanishad states:

Sukta 34: 
  • Men become the knower’s of supreme Existence, only through Shilpa (Vastu).
Sukta 41: 
  • ‘All the beings of the world live with happiness through the harmonious creations of Shilpa (Vastu). 
  • They attain the perfect beatific (lyksalig) state by these creations of Shilpa. 
  • They become endowed with real eyes through the creations of Shilpa….. 
  • By the creations of Shilpa there occurs perfect fulfillment and everlasting bliss. 
  • Those aspiring for liberation attain final beatitude (lyksalighed) only through the creations of Shilpa’.

Rig Veda, (7 mandala, vastoshpati sukta, rishi Vasishta) poetically describes how natural law protects the Vastu house: ‘be to us an excellent abode, the non-inflictor of disease...be our preserver and augmenter of our wealth… may we be possessed of a comfortable, delightful opulent abode … protect our wealth whether in possession or expectation, and do you ever cherish us with blessings… protector of the dwelling remover of disease… be to us a friend the granter of happiness.

Vasishta mentioned above is an ancient rishi; he was the teacher of king Ram who was much loved by his father, but he had to live in the forests with his brother Laksman and wife Site, because of the intrigues of the stepmother. There is a cave a little north of Rishikesh called Vasishta cave. I never experienced such ‘thick’ silence as in this cave. It was really incredible.

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little woodstock said...

I feel this is it,what I have longed for-a community with a purpose in the way harmon with the laws and nature.Thanks for creating this opportunity