The two conditions for living life fully

After all the progress we have made in social science, economy and technology, it is strange that in our time, we have even more problems than before.

However, if we examine the wisdom in the old scriptures, they mention two things most important to become a fully developed human being, without a grain of misery:

1. You must be surrounded by wise people
2. You must live and work in buildings that resonate with the natural law which is the basis of creation.

Is it a realistic dream to believe that we can become 100% happy (and we have that dream) if these two conditions are not fulfilled?

According to the Veda the answer is no. But what actually is the VEDA. Many scientist and artists who have dived into the Vedic wisdom, hold it to be the highest body of knowledge of mankind.

We will examine why and also look deeper into the two conditions for creating the best life possible. What action must we take ourselves? This is one theme of the next few Monday and Thursday meetings.

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