Living in a Vastu home will increase your health and wealth

I am just back from incredible India from a 3 month study and journey with so many beautiful experiences - and I have some pictures of beautifully decorated temples and buildings for our inspiration.

The status and progress of The Holistic Village in the heart of Skåne (Scania) since our last info is like this. I met Steen Möller at the alternative Climate Conference in Copenhagen and he is interested in assisting us with his expertise in eco-building and many other natural solutions. He is well known in Denmark for his initiative in creating the EcoVillage Friland at the 'nose' of Jutland, which has been transmitted in several TV programs. At the conference there were participants from eco villages and local communities from all over the world. A lot of things are going on in this field.

What is interesting is that the assistance of Steen and other experts can be financed by EU funds earmarked for village development. This opportunity is most possible if several people start building their houses in a coordinated manner so that they can be present for instructions.

Representatives from our Vedapark Association have met with the mayor of Hörby who was very supportive to our project – so we have the back-up of the local authorities which is important. Over the last couple of years we have also had several meetings with municipality officials.

In India I visited the foremost family of Vaastu architects in Chennai (Madras) and learned some basics on dimensioning and orientation of houses. This family have had a primary role in restoring the ancient wisdom of Sthapatya Veda (Vaastu). The head and grandfather of the family introduced his research on Vaastu to the late Maharishi, who was the first to bring the wisdom to the West.

It appears that most people to not quite understand the importance of Vedic architecture, but it seems well documented from cases that a house with an optimal energy field really do provide better health, more wealth, better family relations and quality of life. A non-vaastu house and its distorted energy deny us these qualities. To give an example: a great master was asked if it was important to move into a Vaastu house. He said: consider it as if your old house is on fire, this much it matters! So it is not just a fixed idea that we have caught.

In the near future I will go to Sieben Linden (between Berlin, Hamburg and Hannover) and Damanhur (north of Torino) to learn more from them on social structures etc, and also seek cooperation and support to establish our village in the hearth of Scandinavia. Later this summer a visit to Findhorn I planned.

If you want to have influence on the concept of Gammalstorp it is time to participate. Now it is time to start the concrete planning and work for building the first houses – an active inner circle of a few people should start functioning.

There is a new page on our website on the social life which is important to read.

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